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March 8, 2024

Krysten Sinema has withdrawn from the Arizona Senate race.  We are proud to have worked for the Replace Sinema PAC which two years ago targeted her for defeat.

Over those two years, Replace Sinema PAC successfully exposed Krysten Sinema for betraying President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda, opposing an increase in the minimum wage, opposing voting rights, obstructing the protection of abortion rights, and doing the bidding of her wealthy donors who funded her wealthy luxury lifestyle.

We want to especially congratulate Sacha Haworth, TJ Helmstetter, all the consultants and staff, as well as coalition our partners in Arizona for their great work.  And a big thank you to the generous donors who made the campaign possible.

Thanks to Replace Sinema PAC, Sinema is now gone, eliminating the threat she posed for Democrats holding a vital Senate seat.  

December 14, 2023

It’s DML’s 10 year anniversary, and what a decade it has been.

Since 2013 we’ve built on our individual experience and success by fueling progressive campaigns up and down the ballot with inspiring ads that helped push progressive policies to the forefront of the national agenda. 

But don’t just take our word for it. Look at our collective record:

25 winning US Senate and Gubernatorial campaigns. 

29 winning US House races. 

97 winning State Legislative campaigns. 

12 winning campaigns for President and Prime Minister across the globe.

21 Reed awards, 56 Pollies, 15 Tellys 

And the 2016 American Advertising Award for AMERICA.

In the last decade we’ve helped elect progressive leaders like Representatives Lucy McBath, Seth Magaziner, Jonathan Jackson and Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens. We've helped the presidential campaigns of President Joe Biden, Sen. Bernie Sanders, and campaigns for Prime Minister such as Fianna Fáil in Ireland. We led in the fight to save our planet through our work for leading environmental organizations such as NRDC, The Sierra Club, Defenders of Wildlife, and Friends of the Earth. 

These achievements were made possible by a talented team with meticulous dedication to creativity and drive to further the progressive movement.

Thank you to all of the candidates we've worked for, the campaign teams we've worked with, and the crew, producers, editors, and studios who helped us create great ads. 

And as one of our former clients, Sen. Ted Kennedy memorably said at the 1980 Democratic Convention: “The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives…and the dream shall never die.”

April 11, 2023

Devine Mulvey Longabaugh won the Reed Award for Best TV ad for a Statewide (non-federal) Democratic Campaign for “Pay Up” - a TV ad for Rhode Island Attorney General Peter Neronha.

As the incumbent Attorney General, Peter Neronha’s significant accomplishments were widely covered by local news media, such as taking action to protect kids from lead poisoning, finalizing a $114 million settlement with opioid makers, and launching a new crime-fighting initiative. We wanted voters to hear about Neronha’s great track record and feel secure in his position as Attorney General.

We created this ad almost exclusively with local news footage, to help these accomplishments resonate with politically engaged Rhode Islanders that depend on their local news sources. Neronha won 61% to 39% and received more votes than any other statewide elected official in Rhode Island, including the governor.

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