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Rhode Island political commentator Scott MacKay recently caught up with Tad Devine, the “media message maven” behind Bernie Sanders’ insurgent political campaign.

Once viewed as an “improbable” candidate, Devine has played a pivotal role as Sanders transformed from “long-shot dreamer to serious competitor.”

“Tad is very passionate and very competitive. What he’s done for Bernie is unbelievable,” said former Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee – a one-time Democratic hopeful.

The International Business times takes a look at the top ten political ads that have aired during the presidential campaign season thus far. With eight of the top 12 ads as ranked by TV advertising firm Ace Metrix, Sanders has “the most persuasive political ads on television.” This is particularly impressive considering that 152 different presidential campaign ads have already been released.

“Bernie Sanders’s message of economic inequality is resonating — even during the commercial breaks.”

Male lifestyle magazine Esquire describes Bernie Sanders’ campaign ad as “perfect.”

“It’s so welcoming and positive…”

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