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Krysten Sinema is Gone. We’re Proud to Have Played a Part.

March 8, 2024

Krysten Sinema has withdrawn from the Arizona Senate race.  We are proud to have worked for the Replace Sinema PAC which two years ago targeted her for defeat.

Over those two years, Replace Sinema PAC successfully exposed Krysten Sinema for betraying President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda, opposing an increase in the minimum wage, opposing voting rights, obstructing the protection of abortion rights, and doing the bidding of her wealthy donors who funded her wealthy luxury lifestyle.

We want to especially congratulate Sacha Haworth, TJ Helmstetter, all the consultants and staff, as well as coalition our partners in Arizona for their great work.  And a big thank you to the generous donors who made the campaign possible.

Thanks to Replace Sinema PAC, Sinema is now gone, eliminating the threat she posed for Democrats holding a vital Senate seat.  

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