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September 14, 2020

“Fake and fraudulent.” So tweeted President Trump after seeing “Descent,” our new ad for the Biden-DNC Campaign.

“Descent” aired on Morning Joe on June 16, 2020. Four days later it had earned over 6 million views across Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. (It would be the first of 18 spots that Devine Mulvey Longabaugh produced in support of the campaign.)

“Descent” begins with Trump’s infamous escalator ride down in Trump Tower, and chronicles his failings as President. From his tax cuts for billionaires to his disastrous to response to the pandemic. The ad ran in a several battleground states and on Fox News, where it caught the attention of President Trump.

Trump took the bait. Around 9:45am on Friday, June 19th, Trump tweeted “The Democrats are doing totally false advertising…” and then “Why are the Democrats allowed to make fake and fraudulent ads.” It wouldn’t be his last tweet.

His tweets were picked-up and took the spot from around 500,000 views to over 6 million.

This would not be the last time that President Trump tweeted about a DML spot. In September, after President Trump’s shameful comments about veterans were leaked, he tweeted in response to our ad titled Sacrifice.”

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